The NAKED Boost w/ Alex Okoroji

The NAKED Boost w/ Alex Okoroji

By Alex Okoroji

This is your Weekly Wake Up Call, hosted by Nigerian Actress and Multiple Award Winning Media Personality - Alex Okoroji, to help you strip down your Mental Barriers, Elevate Your Mind & EMPOWER you with the FREEDOM to become the Highest Expression of your Truth, Talent & Personal Greatness.

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Episode 7: The Value of Diligence and Consistent Effort

Many people have DREAMS, but they don't have "goals". They have no set plan in action that will enable them to achieve their big dreams. My dad once told me one of my best qualities is my "Stick-With-It-ness". You see sticking with something takes a … Read more


Episode 6: How to Achieve Success On Your Terms

In this week's boost, I talk about the true definition of success, its pitfalls and the three things I do to keep my eyes on the ball and success happening on my own terms.


Episode 5: The Source of Your Fear

In this Week's Boost, I talk about how the #1 Self Sabotaging Emotion of All - Fear and How to check the sources of our fear.


Episode 4: Happiness Unlimited

In this Week's Boost - I talk about how to create and find "Happiness" even in the midst of Chaos.


Episode 3: What You Know vs What You Do

In this week's boost - Does What You Know Matter as much as What You Do? Learn What Separates Those Who Are Successful from Those Who Are Striving For Success. It has to be ACTION!

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